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Funerals are not often thought upon with joy, but they are an integral part of our lives, and are seen by our loved ones as a way of saying good-bye. I believe that each of us leaves our mark on the earth with a life story that is our own.

Offering grace, dignity, and my unique and careful approach, let me help ease your burden in providing your loved one a respectful & dignified farewell.

A Funeral Director will make all the legal and practical arrangements and as your celebrant, I will help you plan and deliver the ceremony.

Whilst this is a sad time, I see my role as being one of support to the bereaved family and friends.

You can choose your own celebrant – you do not have to use one employed by a Funeral Director.

The emotions of losing a loved one can be very traumatic. I can help by listening to you and your family, so I can create a eulogy that will not only validate your loved one’s life but will provide help in celebrating their life. It will be my privilege to guide you through this challenging time and compassionately help you reflect and find the words and actions to support you in this time of grieving. contact Departures farewell in Sydney to say bye to your loved ones.

Heaven Awaits
  • 1-2 meetings face to face and unlimited phone calls/ emails and support
  • Liaison with the Funeral Director
  • A personalised service including the life story of Loved one
  • Eulogy Preparation
  • Ritual advice & presentation
  • High quality PA System
  • Slideshow with Photos and USB provided
*Additional fees may apply *

Farewell Sydney

We are Helping You Create a Memorable Farewell That Honours and Respects Your Loved One!

Planning a funeral and creating a farewell is a highly personal process, where the departed and their family have their own needs.

In many cases, the need to plan a funeral can be sudden, so it’s important you find the right funeral team to support you every step of the way during this emotional time.

The best funeral services in Sydney are those that offer genuine care by truly listening to your needs, offering a range of customisable options, and creating experiential celebrations to meet your needs.

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Funeral Celebrant Sydney

Funerals are a difficult time for any family. Worse; at a time when the family is under the most stress and is grieving, a funeral also requires a lot of organisation and planning.

As the famous quote says, “nothing is certain except death and taxes.” But when that time comes, dealing with death is difficult, daunting, and distressing. Whether expected or unexpected, losing someone we love is the hardest time of our lives.

I’m Kylie Wilson and welcome to Arrivals | Marriages | Departures. I am a well-respected Celebrant in Sydney, Australia.

I believe there is a better way to say goodbye through funerals, memorials, and authentic life celebrations. I can help empower you to create a truly inspirational, affordable, and authentic farewell. With empathy and understanding, together we can create a ceremony that’s not only personal, meaningful, sincere, and authentic, but also uplifting, comforting and full of love.

I am a non-religious Humanist Celebrant. In an increasingly secular society, many of us seek purpose, beauty, and joy in the one life we know we have. When the time comes to look back, those around us can take inspiration from the memories, achievements and legacy left behind and celebrate a life well lived.

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