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Part of an ancient tradition, A Naming Ceremony is a beautiful part of our lives that marks the start of a new life, providing the opportunity to welcome a child into the world and community with the promise of love, support & guidance.

Parents can formally introduce the newest family member and officially name those extra adults they wish to play a special part in their child’s life, expressing their dreams and hopes for their bundle of joy in their presence.

The beauty of a naming ceremony is that you can design it however you like – there are no legal requirements and restrictions, so it can be tailored to your wants and needs.

Some popular ways to personalize a naming ceremony include adding symbolic elements such as tree planting, a Sand Ceremony, lighting candles, or having members of the family | community read parts of the service.

This personalized ceremony is designed with you, for your loved one, and may include readings and rituals chosen by you.


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Naming Ceremony in Sydney

Welcoming and honouring your child at the ceremony.

A Naming Ceremony enables you to consider your dreams for your child’s future and openly declare your support for them as individual human beings.

The Naming Ceremony is an occasion for the expression of love and joy, hope and acceptance. The celebrant will collaborate closely with you to make sure your child’s ceremony is unique and special reflecting your personal and spiritual beliefs.

We spend time together and offer ideas and suggestions to help you find words and music of your own choosing to ensure your ceremony portrays your identity, memories, and aspirations.

Your child’s baby naming ceremony is a fun way to bring your family and friends together to honour and celebrate your child, affirm what’s most important to your family, and have those you love to offer their support in your child’s life.

We can create ceremonies for newborns, older children, and adopted children.

You receive a copy of the ceremony and certificates for Godparents/Guardians, grandparents, and of course, a baby naming certificate.

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Naming Day Celebrant in Sydney

Welcoming a new baby to this world is one of the greatest joys you can experience. A Baby Naming Day is a beautiful opportunity to bring your closest family and friends together to celebrate new life.

If you are considering a Ceremony without religious tradition, a Naming Ceremony is a perfect way to acknowledge and officially welcome their little ones into the world, without the religious obligations… A Baby Naming Ceremony is the perfect way to do this!

As there are no legal requirements, you can include absolutely anything in your ceremony. You can be as creative, bold, and innovative as you like, and best of all, you can be true to yourselves and let the ceremony reflect your personalities, your styles, and your family values.

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Naming Ceremony Celebrant in Sydney

Our specialties at Arrivals | Marriages | Departures are,

Your child’s naming day ceremony is live streamed to absent family and friends.

Your family’s love story is written together in collaboration.

I will be flexible and make everything stress-free and easy for you along the way.

If you’re looking for a respected Sydney Celebrant to make this whole journey fun, easy, and seamless, someone who fits right in and can make the day fun and meaningful, then we could be a good fit to work together!

What’s on OFFER?

  • Personalised service
  • 1-2 meetings face to face in preparing the event and order of the ceremony
  • Communication with your venue to coordinate the food & beverage with all the other formalities, ensuring everything runs on time
  • Communication with bridal party and those who will providing a speech
  • Communication with Bride and Groom regarding cake | garter and farewell
  • All the necessary administration and running sheet completed
  • Creation and customisation of your ceremony
  • Travel to your venue

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